A unique life awaits you with floor plans that are more spacious and comfortable compared to its competitors, and optimum sqm utilization.
2+1 apartments are positioned so that each apartment has a view of swimming pool or open front landscape.
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Life in Kusadasi is dynamic, energetic, fun and it is appealing. Cultural richness, wide variety of foods and drinks, shopping choices, night life are all in a quick motion.

Kuşadası is one of the most popular tourism gates of Türkiye which gathers all of the lifestyles above. It's special for both the citizens and visitors. With its clear wheather, nature and sea, Kuşadası is like a heaven.

Mirage Park Residence is just in the middle of this heaven which is a unique project. You can have the quality of life in Mirage Park with its unique and spacious architecture and being close to centrum.

Mirage Park Residence is located at Ege district in Kusadasi, and consists of 4 blocks including 80 apartments on 7.173 m² land. 2 bedroom apartments are 112 m² and 3 bedroom apartments are 141 m².


• Concrete Class C30 • Raft Foundation System
• Drainage and water Isolation for Foundation
• Interior Walls Gypsum Plaster and Satin Paint
• All outside walls Aerated Concrete or Heat Isolated Bricks
• All outside walls Siliconized Outside Paint
• Balcony Railings are Crome Aliminium and Glass
• Wet Floors are Covered with 1st Class Ceramic Tiles
• Staircase Rails are Crome Aliminium
• Travertine Covered Staircase
• Saloons & Rooms are Covered with 1st Class laminant Parquet
• Design Production Kitchen
• Air Conditioning Wiring and Plumbing System
• Built-in Wash Basin
• Shower cabins in all Bathrooms
• Wood veneered Steel Outside Doors
• American Panel Interior Doors
• Exterior joinery made from PVC and Double Glazing
• Intercom • Elevator
• Outdoor Swimming Pool and Children Swimming Pool
• Fitness Center • Children’s Playing Area
• Central Satelite System • CCTV Security System
• Site Attendant Apartment
• Security At The Enterance
• Indoor Parking
• Heating Installations

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